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My Deer Friends and New Fawns!

Bear Cubs in Swimming Pool
Bears playing in my Swimming Pool

Doe And Fawn With A Squirrel
Deer Trail

Funny Cat Reaction to Puppies
[Dora sees them for the First Time]
The Fluffiest

Comments From YouTube

“How did I get this babysitting job? I never applied!” One very patient cat.

I think the cat realizes they are babies and is trying to have the appropriate patience.

So cute. The puppies always wag their tail to indicate good intentions. The cat realizes that they’re toddlers.

A beautiful cat. It’s like she wants to be their big sister right after meeting them. How she watches them sleep, so sweet.

Melted my heart after three seconds…wonderful, how calm the cat behaves…absolutely cuteness overload here!!!

So adorable..and kitty was interested not threatened..quite fun to observe.

She is so patient with them, and it makes the puppies feel safe.

Send them all to my house. They are all adorable.