Have Fun Watching These!

As Aussies, We Love Our Wildlife – Adorable Koalas, Melodic Magpies, Colourful Parrots and Lorikeets,

 Skipping Kangaroos,  Laughing Kookaburras and Willy Wagtails.

14 Short Videos To Enjoy!

Cutest Koala Compilation Ever
Symbio Wildlife Park

Petar the Koala Joey in “Mission Impossible”
Koala Nation

Rainbow Lorikeets Snack On Fruit
In Australia

Happy Rainbow Lorikeets
In Australia

Americans Love Our Kookaburras!

Having Fun With Laughing Kookaburra

Keeper Corner: Emma And Laughing Kookaburra
Chelsea T. Avery In Nevada

We Like Their Playful Meerkats

Most Playful Meerkats You Will Ever See!
Symbio Wildlife Park

Playing With Meerkats Is The Ultimate Animal Experience
Symbio Wildlife Park

Irresistible Willie Wags and Maggies

Family Of Willie Wagtails
Ron Haines – Mannum SA

Australian Magpie Singing Beautifully
Down Under – Australia

Joey Learns To Be A Kangaroo

Oncore? I Found Some More!

More Lorikeets

Rainbow Lorikeets At The Bird Bath And Seed Tray
Gumlu North in Sydney

What A Flock of 30 Lorikeets Sound Like
Birds & Things

Kookaburra Laugh – This Is Enthralling!
Wildlife Revealed – Australia

Comments from YouTube

I loved how the bird immediately responded to the boy’s call, so adorable.

For those who aren’t Aussie the sounds the boy is making is part of the call, usually you hear them both tagged like that when it happens.

Both of you sang beautifully. Love from England.

Very good trainer you are Kevin. What a wonderful bird that kookaburra.

This is adorable! I wonder if this boy will grow up to be a zoologist.

I don’t know anything about birds … but, to me, it really looks like that bird is having FUN!

They’re big birds, aren’t they! Also, I like the laugh! (and the boy’s bird calls are impressive!)

Great calls from Tristan and Sheila is in fine form. Lived in Sydney for 15 years and often saw Kookaburras in the Botanical gardens.

This little boy doesn’t even seem to sigh, he can even chirp for a few minutes without stopping…
I think he is technical teacher for breathing techniques!

They’re very responsive to our human voices. They must trust those that they call with.

The boy is gorgeous and the bird is adorable.

Such a beautiful young man and Kookaburra!
Much love to you both for making me smile!

That bird has a great sense of humor.

You’ve got a great bird and great boy there! Both are happy, healthy, and strong. And smart.

That kid is nature’s rarest produce himself. So refreshing.

Kookaburra birds have the funniest laugh!!

Lovely and funny ! Lucky little boy!