Who hasn’t experienced that peaceful feeling that accompanies us when Ducks or Swans are nearby on a Lake or Riverside? I mean to say, such an atmosphere is so serene, isn’t it? Feeding the Ducks in a Park is so relaxing, with those happy little chappies waddling around your feet. It’s really nice to see Ducks with the little Ducklings swimming or waddling after their Mums, or Baby Swans riding on their Mum’s back as she swims along the River. On this page, I wish to show Videos depicting facets of the Ducks and Swans life, including some Baby Ducklings that are very interesting. Come with me!


Baby ducks in my pool. First day of life. An amazing story.
Lily around the world

Ducklings Jump – Watch Them Go
Per-Finn Nielsen

It’s Raining Ducklings – See What She Does
Gary Taylor

To Be Continued Soon!