I’ve been making Multi Websites for 13 years now, some of them INSPIRATIONAL. I Love NATURE, do you?

Have something to tell you……I make some really Good FINDS on YouTube when time permits,
and I’d like to share some of them with you here!


Cute Aussie Creatures – You really will not want to miss, and Australian Birds because everyone Loves them, Nature Lovers

and A Kitties Paradise you never did see anything so cute and fluffy and sweet.

Short drop down WebMenus are at the top of your Screen, just slide the little arrow/hand across the names there.

At the end of this Page, you will see Links to click on if you like for Pages Ready, and Pages Coming, so you know what’s on the way, aye?

Many of you share my love for Nature and God’s little Creatures, I’m sure.
In recent years, I have found some of the most beautiful pictures of Nature on Pinterest and Videos on YouTube.

You came to see Nature Videos, Cute Nature Videos………and that’s what you will find.
lots of them Soon!
I am really enjoying this project, bringing pleasure your way.

Most of the YouTube Videos on JANETS CHOICE are 3-6 mins, many are 4 mins. Some go for 10, 12 or15 mins, not many.
I will let you know (if you’re using a mobile)
They are selected this way, so you can go from Video to Video, rather than too much of the same thing.
This sustains my interest that way – maybe it will yours – it’s more of a venture this way, hey?

I am Super-Fussy what Videos I place on my Websites, so they are Good. Some are Exceptional.

Try to spend some time outside in Nature as well, your Peace will be greater!
I like to enjoy my Nature and Gardening Videos AND some leisure Walks and Gardening as well.

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PAGES READY: Cute Aussie CreaturesAustralian BirdsNature LoversDucks And Swans
Adventures With CreaturesPets Can Be FunSome Funny PetsPlayful Bears
A Kitties ParadiseNature Is Fun — Natures Adorable Creatures — Ocean Creatures

PAGES COMING: Nature BabiesPuppies And Comments

Happy to say No Google Ads on any of My Websites and No Email Campaigns.
All Videos are Family Friendly (no offensive content)
Parents can feel free to let their Kids visit Here.


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