It’s nice to welcome you here! I grew up in a little township in surroundings of beach, hills and country and have lived on a Beach Front not far from the City.


When I encountered Jesus at the age of 20, I experienced a new found expression in my life and personality_ I could communicate quite freely, and had so much peace and joy in my heart. People noticed the change… one of vitality and friendliness…….. some of these were neighbors of different religions.
The JWs could not compete with this reality ……… they stopped coming to our door……… something I wished for as my Mum was so tolerant. I had intentions to be a night club singer, but quickly saw through the negativity in those sheets of music when I found Jesus. My voice became fuller and free and I started to sing lots of Peaceful and Cheery songs.

For many years, I have been Researching Natural Health part-time (since ’87)
and have made some Interesting Discoveries. In 2010, I commenced Making a number of Websites,
I am quite passionate about.
Jesus gifted me with Websites, Poems, and Picture Selections (that includes Videos)
abilities I did not have before, untrained. He is my Source of Inspiration.

I Love Nature! Do You?

Personally, I cannot subscribe to Atheistic Theories, there is such overwhelming Evidence of Our Wonderful Creator in NATURE.
Then there is our Human Body with so many Intricate Parts that all work together like an Orchestra.
Our Brain has such a vast reserve that could be likened to a computer but is a Living Organism.

It is degrading to say that we came from a Mud Puddle, or an Ape, or a Big Bang.
There is honor in honoring our Creator. It definitely affords dignity the 3 Atheistic Theories do not offer us.
In my opinion, those who impose such beliefs are being just as religious as Religious People, insomuch as they seek to impose a Belief System. Also, it is sad to believe in The Universe, when we can’t see a Heaven beyond that, and to me, it is Impersonal to believe that God is a Power, not a Person. People often opt out of religious views because Churchy Affiliations don’t satisfy. I could say more. That is not the purpose of this Website.

For your interest, I am not a religious churchy person but have a close Walk with Jesus, and do appreciate His Words, when they are not misconstrued. Words like “loving Him will all our hearts (like we do our loved ones) and treating others as we wish to be treated“………….. whatever happened to consideration and taking a genuine interest in others etc? Things like Assurance and Wisdom and Confidence? Sorry to say,
I don’t see these godly attributes reflected in what most of Church Attendance and lifestyle represents.
So on those grounds, I’d rather take my Walk more seriously AND Enjoy Jesus.

On one of my Christian websites, I have stated the following:

The World is not looking for more Preachers and Teachers. Churches are something that various Christians and Religious people relate to_ but not the World. Jesus wants us to relate Him to those around us and afield in Relevant Ways through Avenues of their Interests – things they can Understand. They don’t want to read “A Book” they want to Read You – that’s if they See the Goodness of God in You.

On this Website, I share the Love and Wonder of our Creator in Nature Videos I find on YouTube.
And of-course, my passion for NATURE. I trust you ENJOY!