Many people are interested in our Birds in Australia, like the Singing Magpies, the Laughing Kookaburras, the Colorful Lorikeets especially. And I have found some really good Videos for you! See how you like them. There were some really nice Comments on YouTube I thought I’d like to include on this Page, that will make it interesting. Enjoy!

Australian Anthem – Magpie Style!
The Magpie Whisperer

Best Australia Day anthem ever!

Love these guys and their beautiful songs!

We have a family of magpies and they are just like your magpies.

Awesome lady, true blue Aussie. She loves magpies and drives a commodore.

Is everything ok at magpie manor???

Rainbow Lorikeets having a conversation while enjoying grapes
Diego Montejo

Cockatoo Behaviour Around Patio Pool
Caroline Whittaker

R2-D2 & Tiny Tim Sing a Duet – Australian Magpies
The Magpie Whisperer

Absolutely love these birds. They’re the only birds I know that sing for the joy of it. I believe they are communicating on some level not just making random sounds.

Beautiful darlings!

Most magnificent sound of any kind ever to have come from Australia. Just glorious.

These birds are beautiful. Completely beautiful

How appropriate that they face each other on the stumps. They sing so beautifully. Breakfast just isn’t breakfast without a chorus of Magpie.

These birds are really cute and they a very interesting song! Well done to capture this

I love this video when I am homesick and miss my maggies. I had a family of maggies I was feeding and they brought their babies to us every year worked out which was my bedroom to yell at me in the a.m. to get up and feed them. I played this to two kookaburras in the UK they loved it too. Will play it to them again with K songs it makes them very happy.

Beautiful Aussie Song birds!! Good to see ,good to hear,great video cheers n Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy.

Total delight.

If I’m not mistaken this pair are mother and child.

Where is the composer who will devise ‘The Magpie Symphony’?

Rainbow Lorikeets visit today
Caroline Whittaker

Get outa my space …! Willy Wagtail Interaction
Bob Neville

Australian Cockatoo
Major Rai Lorikeet.

Noisy, Hungry & Happy Rainbow Lorikeets
Discovery Hoju

Magpie Waterpark by The Magpie Whisperer
The Magpie Whisperer

I love magpies so much. We have a family living on our property but your setup is amazing. What a special relationship you have with these amazing birds.

Oh my goodness! I’m so envious!:) how wonderful and fun. We don’t have these sorts of birds where I live, so I was unfamiliar with the sounds they make…. which makes me giggle. Thank you for sharing!

I never knew what a magpie was before. Now I’ll never forget. These beautiful images will always remind me of love has no species boundary.

I love everything about your channel. Especially that you only film wild magpies. They bring us such joy by visiting every day. I have to subscribe to your channel now. It’s wonderful.

I just love the unusual sound these birds make, it’s kinda addicting to listen to, lol. They are so adorable, I wish we had them here in the US.

What a great set up ! Loved watching that:)

Looks like so much love in their little park. Such lucky birdlettes to have a good friend like you.

Love everything about those beautiful magpies of yours!

Singing in the rain vs Yodeling in the sprinklers.

My Best Friends are Australian Magpies
The Magpie Whisperer

It’s so beautiful to wake to that sound every morning.

You have such a beautiful bond with these birds, it astounds me. You must have such a lovely kind heart, I sincerely hope you’re happy and keep shining bright. The world needs more people like you.

I have a family of five in my backyard. And they truly are a family in every sense of the word. They fight, they play, they love, they teach. They are a pleasure to watch and I am proud that they have chosen me and trust me with their safety.

Magpies are by far my favourite bird. They are so clever & funny. Apparently they can remember faces which is why people who feed them never get swooped. My Magpies love hanging around when I’m playing music while I’m gardening – tilting their heads from left to right. And if their hungry they hop, hop, hop up the back steps & sing to let me know they’re there.

What a beautiful bond you have with them. I love how trusting they are with you, that tells me that you are a great person. It is good to see something like this in these sad times, so thank you for sharing. All the best to you and your flock of lovelies

I wish you were still uploading regularly. lol but thank you so much for the videos you put out. I cherish them immensely.

These things are so beautiful not only to watch but to endear their unconditional faith in a human. Blessed situations. This doesn’t happen easily, it’s only after winning their faith, & that’s the most difficult turn point. My respects to all these blessed creatures.

Your sense to feel their nature is amazing , I understand you very much , and other people who are spending lots of time with animals .

Oh now this is wonderful, amazing, I can’t stop smiling. Incredible interaction with my favourite birds. Made my day!

How adorable !!! I think they believe you’re their mother !!

Cool bunch of friends you’ve got there.

Beautiful. Love the way they follow.

So cool 🙂 They made the right choice to chose you it seems 🙂

Once they know you and can trust you, they seem to come back.

I will never get tired of hearing maggie calls. Just beautiful.

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