Nature Viewers Benefits And Responses

It’s Official: Study Finds That Watching Cute Animals is Good for Your Health.

Seeing adorable animals actually helps to reduce our stress levels, Researchers at
England’s University of Leeds have found.

And we don’t need to see adorable critters in real life for them to have an impact on our sense of wellbeing.

Why do we feel calmer and gentler when we interact with our pets? Not only are they adorable to look at, but their healing effects have been Scientifically Proven! If you look at your brain when you are in contact with your pet, you will see that a substance called Oxytocin is being secreted rapidly. This Oxytocin has a healing effect on the brain. Oxytocin regulates the Autonomic Nervous System, heals brain fatigue,
and stabilizes our mood. So it’s true that spending time with your pets is healing!

So what’s best: images of cute animals, videos, or the real thing?

Dr. Andrea Utley, who led the Study, commented, “It would appear that Images Appeal but video clips are More Meaningful, and I would therefore expect that Physical Closeness [with animals] would be
Even Better.”

Personally speaking: running several Websites and commitments does not make it possible for me to have pets. I do however Enjoy keeping a Birdbath out the front, and feeding Ducks at a local park.
Plus I love watching Cute Nature Videos often and some videos on people’s Pets. I commenced this Website, so you can share the Peace and Joy that watching these Videos brings.

Various Comments from YouTube

I’m going through a really stressful time these days, these videos makes me so much happy. Thank you!

Hello sweet angels. You are the dearest blessing from God in Heaven. His precious gift to us all for which I am most humbly grateful, as you make our personal world a brighter, more joyful, much more loving place.

Oh so lovely. I love human and animals warm relationships.

If you’re having a bad day, watch videos like this. It’ll make you forget your bad day!

By far the cutest and sweetest thing I have seen for a while!

Aren’t they so cute and adorable! I wish they were mine! hehe

Thanks for making videos about cutiepies.

I’ve always been overfond of watching such videos, they are full of tenderness!

I love these pet videos. Even if I am upset, they make me laugh and smile.

So sweet, makes me feel much better, thank you!

Precious beautiful creatures!